This exclusive package includes:


This program enables you to work with clients face to face and online teaching them to connect with calm through our unique mind body class format whilst also taking you on a transformational and empowering journey of your own as you learn and immerse yourself in our own powerful meditation method; basic breathwork and mindful movement techniques. 


  • Our deep dive 21 day meditation challenge- (We’ve made it easy for you but it’s no less powerful!)
  • Extra special bonuses from our training team and guest experts to expand your skillset and knowledge and kickstart your business 
  • Masterclasses from founder, mind-body class and wellbeing business expert, Charlotte Collins

Everything is taught online from the comfort of your home with lifetime access to all resources, around YOUR time schedule and you can be fully qualified in 3/4 months.


Hi, I'm Charlotte, Founder of X-HAIL.  

A Mum, spirit-junkie, music lover and passionate advocate for the transformative practice of connecting to calm. 

7 years ago, I gave birth to my little boy. Single, sleep deprived, skint and overwhelmed, I slipped into depression and struggled with crippling anxiety. It was only then that my spiritual practice really came into it’s own. Exactly when I needed it most.

Desperate to feel better, I tried lots of tools and techniques and re-found my love for meditation but it was only when I combined breathwork, mindful movements and my own take on meditation with modern chart music that I finally felt like me again! and X-HAIL was born. 

Since then I've helped women all across the country start their own X-HAIL business in their own communities and worked with big names like ITV, GOOGLE, The real Housewives of Cheshire, GOODHOUSEKEEPING and UNILEVER.  

I have created this course to help you start or supercharge your wellbeing business and help you take the steps required to make money without having to change a thing about who you are! -Guru status not required!

See you on the other side,

Charlotte x