Learn the key steps required to start or grow your business, maximise your income and integrate the spiritual practice that you love and which form a big part of who you are into your work with our FREE 3 day mini e-course delivered direct to your mailbox, which includes;

  • 3 Bite-Sized Training Videos outlining the key steps you need to take to create a business that integrates spiritual practice, generates income AND still feels authentically you. 
  • Our Success Checklist taking you through the elements that you need to have in place so that you can earn an extra £1000 or more a month teaching mind-body and spiritual practice without having to go on silent retreat for a month in Tibet first!
  • A VIP invitation to have a one to one telephone consultation with me on whether teaching mind-body and spiritual practice is right for you

Hi, I'm Charlotte, Founder of X-HAIL.  

A Mum, spirit-junkie, music lover and passionate advocate for emotional and physical wellbeing through modern spiritual practice. 

 7 years ago, I gave birth to my little boy. Single, sleep deprived, skint and overwhelmed, I slipped into depression and struggled with crippling anxiety. It was only then that my spiritual practice really came into it’s own. Exactly when I needed it most.

Desperate to feel better, I tried lots of tools and techniques and re-found my love for meditation but it was only when I stopped thinking that I needed to be a guru and allowed my spiritual practice to feel light, easy and modern- no whale music allowed…that I finally felt like me again! 

and X-HAIL was born.