Hello YOU

If you’re honest, you’ve probably got a hunch that you’re here for something bigger than what you’re doing in life and work right now. 

If you let go of all the self-doubt and fear of judgement and rejection, you already know that you’re here to help others heal and transform...

But you also KNOW that sometimes you don't know what you're doing when it gets quiet in yoga class, and you don't quite look like what a meditation teacher should... you're certainly no guru...

...You feel that you're not ready or not good enough yet!

<<< HOLD UP! >>>

We are here to tell you that there is nothing that you need to change or fix. 

You are perfect and you are ready! 

You could be about to fall back in love with all that you are, as you step into


X-HAIL’s Mind, Body & Meditation Business Mastery Package


Become an X-HAIL instructor and create the wellbeing business of your dreams without having to hide or change a thing about who you are!

For only twenty special people this January, we are offering a very special training immersion:

“X-HAIL’s Mind, Body & Meditation Business Mastery Package"


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Just imagine for a moment, that you could ... 

  • Create a business that you’re OBSESSED with
  • One that integrates ALL that you are


  • Be supported by a circle of amazing women all aligned with you and cheerleading you on in your journey!

Because with X-HAIL…

  • You CAN play your fave Cafe Del Mar anthems whilst you guide others in meditation.
  • You CAN support and inspire others JUST by sharing your journey and definitely without going on silent retreat for a year in Tibet!
  • You CAN use your super powers of helping people feel calm and relaxed yet uniquely and infinitely awesome to PAY the bills and then some!
  • And You CAN work for yourself with all the freedom that brings AND be fully supported by an established brand and leadership team.

We would love to train you to become a certified X-HAIL instructor and support you to create a life and business that you adore!

Right now our students & instructors are:

 Creating their own independent income.

Being invited to write guest blogs, articles, teach at big events and speak on podcasts.

Being nominated for awards and giving back to their communities.

Doing things they never thought possible!

 Being amazing and inspiring instructors and entrepreneurs

ALL incredible women stepping up to serve others and share spiritual practice like our BREATHWORK, MEDITATION AND MINDFUL MOVEMENT techniques across the world, all without having to change a thing about who there are!

Our DYNAMIC training is for you if...

You are ready to learn what it takes to lead a class with passion, purpose, and spread the power of calm with everyone in your path. 

You want to develop your own voice alongside our signature X-HAIL style that will separate and distinguish your teaching from the rest!

You want to learn more than just how to just read a meditation script; our courses cover the theory, the techniques and the knowledge required to truly master this subject.

You want to gain the confidence to lead a room, hold space for others, and create a daily personal meditation practice that feels as blissful as a night at mambos watching the sun go down

All our instructors have the same values in common

You love a bit of Beyonce as much as a gong bath! 

You believe that spirituality shouldn't be reserved for the guru status few

You want to make a difference

You want to contribute

You want to earn a good income of your own

You want to inspire your children and show them anything is possible for them

“I can hand on heart say that completing the instructor training with X-Hail UK has changed my life. The training was informative, extremely interesting, thorough and absolutely mind blowing at times!” Chloe X-HAIL CHESHIRE EAST


...our most exciting program yet!

We are combining our incredible online training diploma with meditation AND business mentorship with me, Charlotte X-HAIL Founder.

“I love teaching and working closely with my students and this training immersion for 20 students not only has everything you need to be a success it has so many other incredible New Year bonuses so that you can fly personally too. Because you deserve it”

X-HAIL’s Mind, Body & Meditation Business Mastery Package 

“Training as an X-HAIL instructor has literally changed my life.

The training is so detailed and thorough and Charlotte not only supports you through your training but continues to do so. I absolutely love teaching each of the different classes we offer.

The X-HAIL team is full of like-minded yet unique people. Come and join us, you’ll love it”


This offer is only available this January for 20 students only. 

Here’s an example of what a month in our training academy could be like for you…

So how does it work? 

Begin your X-HAIL journey with our



which allows you to start your business teaching some of our most popular classes and workshops for adults, face to face or online.

Start as soon as you’ve placed your deposit, work at your own pace, with no deadlines or pressure!


Complete the modules and one live practical training day and you are certified! (you can attend as many times as you want moving forwards to gain even more knowledge and refresh your skills)


  • Online lessons & videos by Charlotte Victoria and Our Specialist Training Team covering: Meditation Definitions, Techniques and Tools; The Science Behind Meditation; Mindful Movement; Breathwork; Benefits of Mind-Body Practices and much more.
  • Live online training sessions and Q&A via ZOOM video conference call.
  • Required and optional reading materials & books


Once you have been certified you can then choose to enrol on our


or on our DIPLOMA IN WORKPLACE WELLBEING as and when you are ready to expand your business!


Students will receive a certificate of completion once all work has been assessed and our course is accredited by IPHM which will enable you to gain insurance and begin your X-Hail business straight away! 


When you are certified you are granted a licence by X-HAIL to teach our groundbreaking classes across the country** and online.

The licence gives you the rights to teach our unique format and takes all the stress away of building a successful business as you can use our class-plans, playlists, images, promo materials, blogs, vlogs and graphics as soon as we release them each month

AND you’ll get instant credibility as we have an established, easily recognisable brand loved by celebs and big corporate companies alike. 

Once a year we ask our instructors to renew their licence agreement, and as we like to be upfront and honest there is a fee of £150 paid annually. This fee goes towards our Worldwide Marketing Campaigns, PR Agency, Graphic Design, Business Support Team etc… which ALL supports YOU to grow your business and also means you keep your access to the following perks that you get when you join us in training:


  • You’ll be able to train completely ONLINE with lifetime access and support.
  • You’ll be able to refer to our specialised X-HAIL Instructor manuals with pre-made class, event and workshop plans with essential oil blends, scripts and soundtracks.
  • Unlike working alone you will have a leadership team to support you including a safeguarding officer and an anatomy and physiology specialist so that should you encounter any problems you are FULLY supported.
  • Rather than having to build a website on your own or pay for one, you’ll get a personal area within our website to list your contact details and teaching areas.
  • You’ll save £££hundreds in graphic design and time with our professional X-HAIL done-for-you graphics and promo materials.
  • You’ll get ongoing access to NEW marketing materials, teaching documents and bite-size training released each month via the HIVE our new instructor community platform.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to attend annual continuing professional development (CPD) events.
  • You’ll have 24/7 online forum access offering support, business coaching, advice and the sharing of ideas amongst all teachers across the world and the leadership team.

**Your licence is bound by the T&Cs that you can access here https://www.x-hail.org/instructor-training-t-c-s

“I cannot recommend X-Hail Training enough! The training itself is in-depth but fits around a busy life style. The ongoing support is second to none!! You become part of one of the most supportive teams full of like-minded people. Teaching the classes is an absolute pleasure!! ”



  • Our transformational 21 day meditation experience

This powerful meditation immersion takes just a few minutes of each day but provides you with the firm foundation that you need to master meditation so that you can support your clients authentically AND so that you can heal and expand personally alongside growing an exciting new business

  • Our 5 part X-PLODE Your Business Launch Video Series, and personalised business images and graphics pack 

This Package takes ALL the stress out of starting and growing a business. We know what strategy, images and branding works to sell out your sessions in just a few hours, to have a wait-list for 1-2-1s, and to get invited to teach at high profile companies and events. We know because we’ve done it first! 

  • 2 x Masterclasses from X-HAIL’s founder, mind-body class and wellbeing business expert, Charlotte Collins
  • The Transformational Art of Relaxation
  • Power Up: Harnessing the Power of The Heart and Our Physiology 

We don’t believe in just teaching you how to read a meditation script out and sending you off on your way, our Diploma is a specialist and life-changing course on its own but here on these two masterclasses, we are activating you with skills that create deep change in people so that they can access the self-love, abundance, health and serenity that we all deserve! And it starts with you! You get to experience this first. You get to feel like this:

“Wow!!! Just had THE most powerful day's training I think I've ever had with our gorgeous founder Charlotte.

I feel energised, I feel empowered, I feel such a deep sense of connection to myself and my soul. I don't think I've ever felt so free! I am ready to take on the world One Power Up at a time!”

- Chloe, Power Up Student.

  • 3 x Extra special surprise bonus workshops from our training team 

We will read the energy of the group who joins us on this Mastery Package and create a bespoke series of workshops to support your personal transformation and business development.

This could mean we use tarot and oracle cards to help get you back in touch with the goddess that resides within or we could be taking you through quantum healing sessions leaving you free of limiting beliefs or charting the moon so you can work with it’s cycle and manifest more easily… We LOVE to create training especially to meet YOUR needs!

  • A ticket to Your Word of the Year Dream Life and Business Visioning Evening 

New Years resolutions are so... well, 2020! Lol! Instead You’ll get a place at our exclusive Your Word of the Year Dream Life and Business Visioning Evening where we use a potent formula to help you map your desires for 2021 and create a magical level of clarity, focus and commitment moving forwards. 

  • An invitation to an X-HAIL VIP Photoshoot and Personal Branding Day at an exclusive 15% discount.

We LOVE spoiling our instructors as they absolutely deserve it! You’ll be invited to our VIP Photoshoot and Branding Day as a VIP and with an extra special discount just for those who join us on the Mastery Package

Total value of all bonuses - £1,193!

So what's the investment? 

Investment into the program:

Only £997

Payment Options

It's easy to secure your place and get started:

Make 1 payment of £997


6 payments of £167.00

AND You will still receive all the bonuses, that’s over £1,000 worth of extras!

20 spaces only. Offer ends on 30 January 2021

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Our promise to you


We also have a 100% STUDY GUARANTEE which means that if you need something on the course and it's not there for you, we will create the resource you need to help you study.


We only want you to invest if you are truly committed to studying with us and to reaching your full potential.


We are here to support you 100% but you need to be ready to do the work. Our instructors are very successful because we support them and they bring their passion and vision for their teaching practice and business.

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Have a Question? Contact me at:

Or check out our FAQs below:


  • How long does the course take?

Most people complete it in 3-4months, which means you can be teaching in a very short time from now. You have lifetime access to the course materials so you can take your time if you wish.

  • How many hours do I need to study?

Most people take 2-4 hours on each module of which there are 6. There’s one live practical to attend which runs three times a year 9.30am-2.30pm

  • Will I miss out studying online?

Absolutely not. Everything is covered and more plus there are live elements to the training package such as the Q&A's, workshops and masterclasses, that you can attend to ask questions and get support in real time. 

  • What if I’m not free at the time of live elements/workshops etc…?

Live is better but everything is recorded for you to watch at a time that’s suits you if you prefer. The only thing that you must attend live is the practical training day but we run it three times a year and give you plenty of notice so you can book time off work or childcare.

Dates are subject to change but at the moment the three practical training dates are as follows:

27th Feb; 26th June; 30th Oct. Remember you only need to attend one to qualify.

  • What if my partner or family isn’t behind me?

Let’s be honest you might have mentioned to friends or family that you are thinking about training to teach mind-body classes or meditation and maybe they have thought that it sounds like a bit of a crazy or 'out there' idea. Maybe they have never heard of mind-body at all or still think meditation is just for woo-woo, lentil eating hippies! 

I can tell you it does raise a few eyebrows when you introduce yourself but it’s benefits are internationally recognised across the world by the health profession and through research and studies. 

It is not a fad. It is an incredibly powerful way to heal, to grow, to perform, to stay healthy, to settle emotions and so much more…

Instructors are in demand as organisations such as NIKE, Google, Unilever; Olympians and athletes, celebrities AND average Joes are taking up these practices. Right NOW and more and more we are being asked to support the world to make this a habit.


  • No business experience?

I had absolutely none when I first started teaching and I would say atleast 50% of my students are the same. That’s where our resources and community come in to help you and your business thrive.

  • And what about the money question?

The investment in our training is small and low risk. 

Most students will regain this investment within the first six months- year of starting their practice and then all your profit is yours. There are not many start up businesses that enable you to be in profit so quickly. To be 100% clear, our courses are amazing quality and value and they are priced to reflect this.

We receive emails and enrolments from students who have trained with other providers who then convert to our courses as they still haven’t found something that feels like them!. This costs them more money than if they trained with me in the first place but the support and ongoing mentorship we offer is price-less. You are investing in yourself, your family and your business. This will grow sustainably to support you and bring you happiness.

With our instalment program, you can get started for as little as £167 per month.

“Thank you for today! You are a powerful positive force of nature!

A genius at this.

I have loved being part of today!”

Lisa, Current Diploma Student

  • What if there is already an instructor in my area?

All new instructors that join us will be able to teach anywhere in the country AND online! Dont worry if there is currently an instructor nearby, we are all about collaboration not competition. There are more than enough clients for everyone who joins our team and the more instructors there are teaching in the country means that there are more people who will hear about our amazing tools and techniques and therefore more clients.

There are however a few founding members of our team who have potected rights to solely teach in the following areas: Liverpool; Staffordshire South and East; Wigan and West Lancs. These instructors have a teaching team working alongside them or are wishing to take instructors on to work alongside them. Reach out to us if your local area is already covered and we can connect you to that instructor to see if you can work together. 

  • What about ongoing costs?

Once you've qualified the ongoing costs involved are the music library and a music licence, if the venue that you intend to use does not have one or if you want to teach online. We can help you arrange the licence and it works out at around £2.50 per class you teach. The music library to cover your initial 10 classplans and playlists is under £65 which works out at less than just 99p per track. Additional playlists and classplans are released each month. It is then up to you how often you refresh your library and how much you spend but it will be less than £7 a month on average even if you added every new playlist.

Additional annual costs will be insurance (we get a discount at TowerGate); yearly licencing fee of £150 to keep your licence and ongoing access to CPD, graphics, marketing materials, support systems etc...; and room hire or zoom fees.

Even though you get ALL the benefits and more of being part of a franchise, we NEVER take commission, after costs, everything you make is yours to keep!

Teach 10 people on Zoom and you make £100 in an hour! Do a corporate session and you are looking at taking home £150-£250 per hour!

  • Why trust us with your training?

Our client list including GOOGLE; ITV; Fearne Cotton and more and testimonials speak for themselves but this is also a FAMILY. You’ll be held and supported right the way through this process. There might be tears as you release old wounds and begin to heal but there’ll also be so much love, light and laughter to pick you back up again. We got you!

  • Want ALL the small print?

Have a quick read of our instructor T&C’s here https://www.x-hail.org/instructor-training-t-c-s

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